Over the last 5 years, since 2012, we have processed over 100 consular visa cases on behalf our clients. Preparing the applications yourself or hiring less experienced lawyers can be too risky. In many instances, a simple mistake can be misinterpreted by the government as a fabrication resulting in either a “request for evidence” or a denial of the case entirely. We know the process well and can use our experience and knowledge to assist you in preparing your case to ensure that it gets done right the first time without any delays.

“Provisional” Waivers are still available. The “provisional” waivers are available to those who entered the U.S. illegally and who also have a U.S. citizen spouse who can sponsor them. You cannot, however, have any criminal convictions or immigration violations in your background; persons with those can still get a visa, but they would be subject to conventional waiver processing. A “provisional” waiver, like conventional waiver processing, requires that you leave the U.S. to get your immigrant visa, but you need only leave the U.S. for as little as a few days; conventional waiver processing, on the other hand, can take as long as one (1) year remaining outside the U.S. awaiting approval. In addition, with a “provisional” waiver, you are provided notice before you leave the U.S. whether or not your application was granted. If you qualify for the “provisional” waiver program, we encourage you to see us as soon as practicable.