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F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you offer free consultations?

We are so confident in our ability and the reasonableness of our fees that we believe that, if you meet us, you will want to hire us.  Therefore, we do not charge a consultation fee for deportation cases.  See free consultations.

What are your fees?

Our fees are either flat fee or hourly.  We cannot calculate our fees without first being familiar with what work is required on your case.  Therefore, the fees vary from case to case depending upon the circumstances.  As in all professional relationships, we need to first understand your circumstances before providing a quote.  We render excellent service for our fees and we keep them competitive with other firms in the city.

What can I do if my case is not in Illinois?

The Chicago Immigration Court covers Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and sometimes Kentucky.  If your case is outside of these states, Chicago Immigration Advocates attorneys can travel out-of-state  We have represented clients in Immigration Courts in Texas, New York, Louisiana, and California.  Additional fees and travel expenses, however, will apply if our appearance is required in those courts.

All Immigration Courts permit an attorney to represent a client so long as he or she is licensed in only one state, e.g., Illinois.

If you have a prior order of removal and wish to file a Motion to Reopen, they do not require a personal appearances in court, therefore, additional charges would not apply at least until the Immigration Court were to reopen the case.

In most deportation cases only one personal appearance – at the final or “individual” hearing – is required since most Immigration Courts, with some exceptions, permit attorneys to appear by telephone for status hearings.  Therefore the additional expense of having us handle your case could be reasonable.  Please inquire if you would like us to represent you in a court other than the Chicago Immigration Court.

My family member was just recently arrested, what should I do?

If your family member was recently arrested, you need to do your best to determine who is detaining him or her and what criminal charges he or she is facing, if any.

Free Deportation / Removal Consultation (pending cases only)