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Immigration Services

Chicago Immigration Advocates Law Offices are Immigration lawyers with decades of proven experience helping clients achieve favorable outcomes.

If there is a way to win your case, be assured we will find it. Our experienced lawyers will prepare a strategy to give you the best chance to remain in the United States and to obtain legal status.

Experience Counts

With over two decades of experience in immigration law, we have developed the special skills and knowledge required to prevail in the most difficult cases. For instance, we have successfully litigated cases involving very serious criminal offenses. We have won relief for many detained clients under the Convention Against Torture, despite a serious criminal offense, or filing for post-conviction relief in the criminal court to vacate the conviction. Our firm is uniquely suited to handle your case with experience at every stage of litigation, no matter its level of complexity. We have successfully appeared before various Immigration Courts throughout the country, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the United States Courts of Appeals in various circuits, and the United States Supreme Court.

Trust is Earned

We have built our practice on developing a good reputation for fairness and protecting our Clients. We want to win your case and have you recommend us to your friends and family. The only way we can do that is to earn your trust. Once you place your case into our hands, that is exactly what we will do from the first day you meet us.

How We Help You Succeed

We have built our practice on our reputation for zealously protecting our Clients. Our goal is to win your case and will present you with your options and the best legal strategy to accomplish that for you. As experienced immigration lawyers, we have won many difficult immigration cases, mostly involving deportation (removal) before the Immigration Courts, but also difficult cases before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”).

  1. You will meet personally with an immigration lawyer who will assess all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case – we will assess where your case will need special attention in order to get the best result for you;
  2. Some clients have several options available to them; the immigration lawyer will present all your options to you so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed; and how to proceed in the most cost efficient manner.
  3. Once you hire us, we will use our litigation skills, legal research skills, and our strong knowledge of the law to achieve the best result for you.

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