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My family member was just recently arrested, what should I do?

If your family member was recently arrested, you need to do your best to determine who is detaining him or her and what criminal charges he or she is facing, if any. In many instances, our clients are detained by a local police agency or sheriff and have not yet been transferred into the custody of USICE. USICE usually places a “detainer” on a non-citizen, giving USICE 48 hours to arrest the non-citizen and bring him or her to face deportation charges. You should call us and obtain our advice on what we can do to stop the deportation.

Keep several things in mind:

  1. If there are no serious criminal convictions involved, USICE in many instances will make a bond determination to release your relative. Sometimes USICE will not require any bond at all. This process usually takes anywhere from 3 – 7 days after the arrest. USICE does not make decisions as quickly as the criminal courts do…Read More

How We Can Help You Win Your Case. Our Winning Formula:

We focus on difficult immigration cases, mostly involving deportation (removal) before the Immigration Courts, but also difficult cases before United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). We give our clients the tools to win their cases – our “winning formula”:

  1. You will meet personally with an Attorney who will assess all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case – we will assess where your case will need special attention in order to get the best result for you;
  2. Some Clients have several options available to them; the Attorney will present all your options to you so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed; and how to proceed in the most cost efficient manner.
  3. Once you hire us, we will use our litigation skills, legal research skills, and our strong knowledge of the law to achieve the best result for you.

How much does it Cost?

Sometimes selecting different options can be difficult. We can advise you on whether to select certain options if the financial burden is too great to pursue all the options. We do not like to see our Clients waste money. If we can find the option that is the most cost-efficient, we will recommend it to you.

Experience Counts.

Difficult cases require special advocacy skills. With over thirty-five years of combined experience of our three attorneys, we have developed the skills required to represent people in not only easy cases, but also the most difficult cases. We have successfully litigated cases involving very serious criminal offenses either by seeking witholding relief under CAT or by obtaining post-conviction relief. We can personally handle post-conviction petitions and, if necessary, litigate your case in other jurisdictions. Currently, our attorneys have practice in over 10 different states.

Our Reputation Matters to Us.

We have built our practice on developing a good reputation for fairness and protecting our Clients. We want to win your case and have you recommend us to your friends and family. The only way we can do that is to earn your trust. Once you place your case into our hands, that is exactly what we will do from the first day you meet us.

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