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There are multiple reasons why a person may be facing removal or may be at risk for removal from the United States.

Deportation cases require urgent, knowledgeable action.

Removal proceedings are initiated by the issuance of a Notice to Appear (NTA). The Notice to Appear outlines the reasons why the government believes that the individual should be removed from the U.S.

While receiving a Notice to Appear in immigration court for removal proceedings can be stressful, there is still hope. The process may take months or years, and you may be entitled to a defense.

Some common reasons for deportation are as follows:

  • - An arrest, charge, or conviction of a crime
  • - Entering the U.S. without inspection
  • - Marriage fraud
  • - Non-compliance with the terms of a visa
  • - Overstaying a visa
  • - Providing false information or documentation in an immigration application
  • - Violating a protective order

We have the experience needed to litigate all types of deportation cases, including:

  • - Adjustment of status to permanent resident based on family and employment
  • - Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and protection under the UN Convention Against Torture
  • - Bond and detention hearings
  • - Cancellation of removal for permanent residents and non-permanent residents
  • - Form I-751 Petitions to remove conditions on permanent resident status
  • - Hardship waivers of inadmissibility and removability for grounds including certain crimes and fraud/misrepresentation
  • - Motions to Reopen, Reconsider, and Remand Immigration Court Cases
  • - Prosecutorial Discretion and Administrative Closure
  • - Temporary Protected Status
  • - U visas for victims of certain crimes

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