What to Expect at Your Spousal Visa Interview?

The process for a marriage green card is lengthy and involved. The final step is the spousal visa interview, so what should you expect?

The officer conducting the interview has one main goal: to determine whether the marriage is authentic or in “good faith”. To establish this, the interviewing officer will ask questions focusing on:

  • The history of your relationship.
  • Your daily activities as husband and wife.
  • The comingling of assets and income.
  • Any future plans you have as a couple.

Assuming the interviewing officer is convinced that your marriage is legitimate, they will approve your spouse for a spousal visa, also known as a green card.

What's in This Guide

Preparing for a Spousal Visa Interview

The application process for a marriage green card is lengthy and involved. The interview is the final obstacle between your spouse and an immigrant visa, but it can also be the most stressful and overwhelming element if you are not properly prepared.

Knowing what to expect at your spousal visa interview and making sure you assemble an organized file of documents can streamline the process considerably and reduce stress.

All green card interviews within the US are conducted by USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

All immigrant visa interviews outside the US are conducted by the US Department of State.

Most of the evidence mentioned below would likely have been provided already, but here are some easy actions to prepare yourself for a smoother and less stressful spousal visa interview:

  • Gather original documentation: Prepare the following original documents – birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, any prior divorce documents, court records, and photos or other supporting evidence that illustrates the authenticity of your marriage. The officer will want to compare the originals to the copies you previously submitted.  Note: you should not submit originals of these documents in your application.
  • Provide new documents: The following evidence should be updated prior to the interview; even though you may have already submitted them, you will want to get updated ones from the time of your application to the time of the interview, which can be up to a year – joint bank account statements, joint income tax returns, joint insurance documents, joint property documents, g., lease or deed, recent photos of you together. All of these documents help to prove the authenticity of your marriage.
  • Refresh your memory of key details: Sit down with your spouse or schedule a video call in the week leading up to the green card interview. Go over all key events and dates and refresh your memory of your relationship history.
  • Organize all documentation: Place all photos in an album and put them in chronological order to save fussing around on the day. Ensure that all documents are in place, too.

Questions Concerning the Spouse

On the day of the interview, you can expect the interviewing officer to ask the following questions concerning your spouse:

  1. When is your spouse’s birthday?
  2. Where was your spouse born?
  3. Where do they currently live?
  4. Where do their parents live?
  5. If your spouse has any brothers or sisters, where do they live?
  6. What is your spouse’s profession?
  7. Where do they work?
  8. Describe your spouse’s educational background.
  9. What is the religious background of your spouse?
  10. Is your spouse able to speak and understand English?
  11. Do you speak your spouse’s native language?
  12. What does your spouse do for fun?
  13. What do you most like about your spouse?
  14. Has your spouse ever been divorced?
  15. If so, where did this occur and why did the marriage end in divorce?
  16. If you have met your spouse’s parents or other family members, outline the circumstances of the meeting.
  17. How and when did you first meet your spouse?
  18. When did you first have the occasion to meet in person? Describe this occasion.
  19. Before this interview, when did you last see you spouse?
  20. How often do you communicate with your spouse?

Questions Concerning the Relationship

The following questions form the bulk of the green card interview. The interviewing officer will ask a series of questions about your relationship with your spouse. These are some common examples used in spousal visa interview in the United States:

  1. Have you ever been on vacation with your spouse?
  2. Who deals with the finances?
  3. When is your anniversary?
  4. Do you intend to have children?
  5. Do you or your spouse have children from previous marriages?
  6. Do you currently live together? If not, do you plan to live together?
  7. What mutual hobbies do you enjoy?
  8. Who cleans the house?
  9. Who cooks?
  10. Who does the laundry?
  11. Who does the grocery shopping?
  12. What cars do you each drive?
  13. What do you do together in your free time?
  14. What is your spouse’s favorite food?
  15. Does your spouse take any medications?
  16. What size is the bed in your house?
  17. When is designated garbage day?
  18. Does your spouse drink coffee?
  19. How many rooms are there in your home?
  20. How many bathrooms does your home have?
  21. What is in your yard?
  22. Which side of the bed do you sleep on and which side does your spouse sleep on?
  23. Do you sleep at the same time?
  24. How does your spouse unwind before bed?
  25. Does your spouse prefer taking a bath or a shower?
  26. Do you file your taxes jointly?
  27. Which shows do you watch together on TV?
  28. Does your spouse have any scars or tattoos?
  29. Did you come to this interview together?
  30. What did your spouse have for breakfast today?
  31. Does your spouse play sports? If so, what is their favorite team?
  32. Do you have curtains or blinds in your house?
  33. Do you and your spouse share a closet?
  34. Do you have a gas or electric grill?
  35. Do you attend church with your spouse?

Questions Concerning the Applicant

Finally, in addition to some of the questions above, expect any of the following questions to be directed at the visa applicant (your spouse):

  1. Have you previously visited the United States?
  2. If so, what type of visa were you awarded?
  3. Have you previously been refused a visa?
  4. Have you previously overstayed in the U.S. on a visa?
  5. Have you been arrested?
  6. Does your spouse have any brothers or sisters?
  7. When did you last see your spouse?
  8. Have you met your spouse’s family?
  9. How do you usually celebrate holidays?
  10. Who is your spouse’s best friend?
  11. Do you have any mutual friends?

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